finch school of dancing

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At the Finch School of Dancing we encourage boys to dance. Dancing develops a strong physique, confidence, great posture and increases stamina, which is why so many sportsmen and women study ballet as part of their fitness program. The lines between the different types of dance are vanishing, and ballet provides an essential basis for any dancer, actor or singer, giving poise and confidence. It provides a physical discipline that is a preparation for any branch of show business.

The best time to start is around three years old. All of you see your children dancing to music at this age. Especially designed to encourage and develop the musical talents of the young child. They will start to learn posture, placing, strong use of feet and musical appreciation, as well as having fun with song and mime. The aim is to encourage, under the supervision of a professional teacher, the enjoyment and love of dance and movement that is born in all children.

We have a very strong senior section at the school. We offer professional standard classes in modern/jazz, tap and ballet for students who wish to perform professionally and also those who wish to take their teachers' exams.